About Bunasta

Bunasta JSC is a professional specialised customs broker company operating since 2012.

Our specialists perform all the necessary customs clearance procedures, such as EPI, T1, Garantas, etc., and find the best solutions ensuring smooth crossing of the border both for carrying freights to the European Union and CIS countries.

Carriers know specialized customs broker Bunasta as an experienced customs expert who is always ready to save your time and help you smoothly cross the border.

Our mission is to help all freight carriers, regardless of their size and direction, cross the borders in the quickest and easiest way.

Our vision is to become a Business Partner No.1 for the carriers that provide all services for customs transit clearance between East and West.

“Accuracy, speed and quality are very important in our work. I feel personally responsible for every customer and do my best to make freight carrying as easy as possible for you. We work for you.”

Jurgis Adomavičius, founder of Bunasta JSC.

Activities of Bunasta JSC

All Bunasta driver service points are open 7/24. Information and telephone support is continuously provided by telephones
+370 685 50384 in Lithuania, +48 8848 50384 in Poland and +371 2627 3666 in Latvia.

The company provides the following expert customs broker services:

- Preliminary electronic declarations for Belarus (EPI), Russia (PI, ETD) and Kaliningrad (EPI).
- Customs guarantees and transit declarations for the customs authorities of the Eurasian Customs Union.
- Transit declarations and customs guarantees across the EU (T1),
- Preparation of freight accompanying documents: CMR, TIR carnet.

Our specialists can also perform EPI on TIR-EPD portal developed by IRU Association.

- Export declarations.
- Import declarations.
- Temporary entry declarations.
- Veterinary certificates (VID, BID).
- Registration of the EORI code of the economic operator.
- Registration of the freight for Klaipeda Seaport via the KIPIS system and filling in a general declaration (FDC).
- Registration of advance order at the Lithuanian border through the EVIS system.

Bunasta service centres operate on the borders of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland with Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine for the convenience of carriers.

Such a wide network of service centres makes it easy to get services on a convenient road for you. In addition, payment for the services is possible by one contract through an agency registered in your country without international payment orders, even when freights are carried in various countries to many different directions.

The border crossing expert Bunasta also owns an exclusive 24.5-million-euro customs guarantor and does not use the services of intermediaries. Therefore, they can offer carriers the best conditions.

Bunasta service points are situated in convenient locations just before the border and a large expert team is working to ensure that the driver will receive an instant message with the declaration number necessary to cross the border still while standing in a queue.

All declarations are filled in the company data centres, thus ensuring the highest level of management and data quality. Modern centralized preparation of declarations also allows you to save time on your freight transportation and prevent drivers from staying at the customs.

The company is largely investing in fast and high-quality driver services. We offer free Internet access, a lounge area and warm drinks for the drivers.

We are constantly looking for new technologies and solutions that will save our customers time.

For more information about the activities of Bunasta, please refer to section News.

Values of Bunasta JSC

Respect for a person. We create warm and respectful relationships with our customers, employees and other people. We believe that a person is the most important value. We seek to hear and understand others, be helpful and respect time and work of other people.

Responsibility. Our work is based on fair dealing with the customers and timely provision with accurate information. We are responsible for our work and decisions.

Innovation. We are interested in the latest solutions, legislation and technologies that save time to our clients. We see and hear everything that is new and we are constantly looking for the solutions to make our services even more accessible and convenient.

Partnership. We have many partners in other countries and know how to use intercultural differences for the successful co-working.

Care and customer focus. We focus on the needs of our customers and offer them best solutions. We largely invest in various service options that provide our customers with the most convenient ways to give and receive information at any time of the day. We do our best to ensure a smooth freight crossing through the border.