An electronic export manifest or e-Manifest combines export declarations for different goods transported in one lorry into one single document. It is obligatory when transporting cargoes to Belarus and Russia through the border of the Republic of Lithuania in the following cases:

  • If the goods were transhipped to another vehicle;
  • There are more than two export declarations in a truck (multiple consignees or consignors);
  • When the consignment is dispatched in separate lots.

The e-Manifest allows retaining the flexibility which is one of the key advantages of an independent cargo guarantee against TIR transit. When the cargo crosses the border between Lithuania and Belarus, the driver will be free to go to unloading points in the order preferred by the carrier. He will not need to follow any strict route and constantly be under customs supervision as in the case of TIR. Read more about e-Manifest here.

e-Manifest can be ordered by sending documents by email t1@bunasta.eu at the driver service centres and via Bunasta mobile application.

The e-Manifest number is sent to the driver by telephone thus saving your time.

If you have any questions, please contact Bunasta experts by calling 24/7 at +370 698 56 269.

The documents required for the preparation of e-Manifest are as follow:

  • Cargo transportation documents (CMR, etc.);
  • Export declarations.

The following information is to be provided:

  • The border post where the goods will be dispatched through,
  • Contact information of the person to whom the information should be passed upon completion of the export manifest.