Preliminary electronic declarations for Belarus (EPI), Russia and Kaliningrad (PI, ETD)

In accordance with the Decision No. 899 of the Customs Union Commission of 9 December 2011, since 17 June 2012, when importing the goods into the Customs Union by car, it is mandatory to provide advance information on the imported goods. This is done by using an electronic declaration form for EPI borders with Belarus, and PI or ETD forms for the borders with Russia and the Kaliningrad region.

The information must be submitted not later than 2 hours before the planned importation of the cargo into the territory of the Customs Union (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia).

We guarantee to our customers who carry goods to the territory of the Customs Union or transit through it that the declaration will be made in good time, the cargo will not get stuck or returned from the Belarusian or Russian borders.

Our specialists can also complete EPI on TIR-EPD portal developed by IRU Association.

EPI can be ordered by sending documents by email:

  • if you cross the Belarusian border through Lithuania: by email epi@bunasta.eu
  • if you cross the Belarusian border through Poland: by email pl@bunasta.eu
  • if you cross the Belarusian border through Latvia: by email lv@bunasta.eu
  • and also in the drivers' service centers and through the mobile application "Bunasta".

PI and ETD can be ordered by sending documents by email rusgarantija@bunasta.eu and at driver service centres.

The declaration number is sent to the driver by telephone which saves your time.

If you have any questions, please contact Bunasta experts by calling 24/7 at +370 685 50384 (Lithuania), +48 8848 50384 (Poland), +371 26273666 (Latvia).

The documents required for the preparation of EPI, PI or ETD are as follow:

  • The driver’s passport;
  • Truck and trailer registration passports;
  • If you are using the TIR Carnet, sheet 1 and sheet 2 are required;
  • Cargo transportation documents (CMR, etc.);
  • Invoice;
  • Packing list and/or specification (if any);
  • Veterinary or phytosanitary certificate (if any) for the consignment of the plant or animal origin.

The following additional information is provided:

  • Name of a border post;
  • The driver’s mobile telephone number.