Why should I use Bunasta's Guarantee instead of TIR Carnet?
  • In order to use the Guarantee, the carrier is not required to make large investments, pay association membership fees, etc.
  • It is easier and more convenient to issue a Guarantee. The driver does not have to bring or buy any forms. The Guarantee is issued in the same service centers the driver would have to visit in order to get an EPI when using a TIR Carnet. Advance Electronic Declaration (Electronic Preliminary Information, EPI) is required for all freight-shipping vehicles, regardless of the form of Guarantee of the payment of taxes.
  • No need for an additional stop in a European customs office to open a TIR Carnet. TIR Carnet is usually formalized by customs brokerage representatives and opened in a customs office within 3–4 hours. When shipping goods from the West, the carrier has to consider where TIR Carnet should be opened. Because of the language barrier or price, carriers often send their trucks to the Lithuanian customs offices and complete the necessary documents there.
  • The Guarantee is often cheaper when the amount of taxes is very small or very large.
  • The Guarantee price is calculated as a percentage of the amount of taxes imposed on the goods. The amount of the guarantee is unlimited (the maximum amount per TIR Carnet is USD 50,000). 
Can I get a job in Bunasta if there is no advertisement of a vacancy that suits me?

Yes. All vacancies in the company are provided in the Career section. If you cannot find a vacancy that meets your qualification but you wish to work for Bunasta, please send your CV and cover letter specifying the desired position to cv@bunasta.eu.

We will add you to our potential employee database and contact you once there is a suitable vacancy.

When is CHED-PP necessary?

Common Health Entry Document (CHED-PP) for plants, products of plant origin and other goods of plant origin.

This declaration of consignments subject to phytosanitary control is required for all products of plant origin imported into the European Union: food, fresh and dried plants, wood, wooden furniture, cotton and other textiles of plant origin, wooden toys, etc.

If a shipment arrives at a border phytosanitary control post without a CHED-PP completed in advance, the officer will not perform the inspection until CHED-PP is completed and the CHED-PP number is provided.

The full list of goods with CN codes is available here: 

What are the work principles of Bunasta UAB?
  • Customer focus. We strive to anticipate the needs of our customers and provide exactly what they need. We find and offer the best solution to suit their needs. We make every effort to ensure smooth border crossing for freight carriers.
  • Open to improvement. We promote and support professional and personal development and desire for new knowledge and reward quality work. We are open to suggestions for the improvement of our work. We share our knowledge with other team members, our customers, and even our competitors.
  • Quality solutions. We listen to the customers’ needs and find the most effective way to meet them, regardless of the size of the carrier and their route direction. We resolve any problems quickly and amicably. 
  • Exclusive service network.  We have 30 driver service centers at the borders of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, where the drivers can easily and quickly submit and receive information. The centralized Bunasta data center and a single invoice for services in other countries allows us to offer highly flexible solutions for freight shipping.
  • Moving forward. We are constantly investing in innovative solutions and strive to find new ways to make our services even better and more convenient. We believe that development is a continuous process and you are a very important part of it.
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