Carriers can recover thousands of euros by using an even simpler system


Since December 2016, Lithuanian carriers have acquired the right to recover 2.5 Swiss francs (about 2.23 euros) per each TIR carnet. But most carriers have not used this possibility so far.

Carriers can recover thousands of euros by using an even simpler system

All companies which use the TIR-EPD system for advance electronic information (EPI) declarations can recover this money irrespective of whether they fill in the declarations themselves or delegate this work to customs brokers.
Not aware of the opportunity
According to Jurgis Adomavičius, Director of the specialised customs broker Bunasta, many small carriers simply do not know about the possibility of returning money, although this is relevant to more than 700 transport companies operating in Lithuania which still use TIR carnets.
“We filled about 25,000 of EPIs in a month under TIR carnets but only a tenth of the cases carriers used the TIR-EPD system, i.e. nine companies from nearly 150.  
Our declaration experts have noticed that companies often do not know about such a possibility and when a driver arrives at night with the documents, it is too late because the company has to authorize Bunasta in advance so that we could log into the system on their behalf,” explained J.Adomavičius
Even easier to use
However, after half a year from the introduction of this compensation procedure, the Lithuanian Carriers Association Linava has taken a step towards facilitating the recovery of money. 
Linava signed an agreement with Bunasta under which it provided a customs agent company with a unique access code to TIR-EPD. 
In the past, only individual carriers received codes and in order to use a benefit, they had to hire a duty officer who could respond to driver calls 24/7. 
Since now carriers will no longer have to give their TIR-EPD codes to a customs broker - it will be enough only to authorise Bunasta experts by logging once into the system free of charge in order to fill in EPI on a carrier’s behalf. A customs broker serves drivers around the clock. 
Linava’s invitation to cooperate and work with one code is a great appraisal of our work because Bunasta is the only company that has service points on all borders of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland but it performs a pre-declaration centrally and issues one invoice for all services.
It is no secret that it is easier for us to work with our database, TIR-EPD complicates the work but we help even more carriers in this way,“ says J.Adomavičius.
It is possible to recover a large sum of money
The customs expert confirms that carriers are not obliged to use the TIR-EPD system for the carriage of goods - it simply provides a possibility to recover a compensation for each used TIR carnet. 
However, if the company wants to use the services of this money recovery company, it has to choose a customs broker from Lithuania rather than from abroad (Belarus) because a compensation will be returned via the association Linava.
If all carriers of our country used this benefit, they would recover more than 160,000 euros per year.
The sum of 2.5 Swiss francs per each declared TIR-EPD book is compensated after the evaluation of quarterly results, i.e. recovery is made at the end of quarters.
The companies that would like to use this benefit must contact Linava which will provide them with TIR-EPD login information and a code.
For more information, please contact:
Jurgis Adomavičius, Director of Bunasta, telephone +370 699 69121
Gintarė Lingytė, Head of Linava TIR Department, telephone +370 612 66913