Since November 1, an important change will take place at the Lithuanian border


The situation at the Lithuania-Belarus border which is notorious for its long queues will soon change.

Since November 1, an important change will take place at the Lithuanian border

Since November 1, a new document Electronic Vehicle Manifest, in short, eManifest, will be binding to carriers. It will replace export declarations which delayed the customs clearance procedures even up to several hours.

The eManifest differs from the individual export declarations by the fact that all partial cargo data will be recorded in one document which will significantly shorten the border inspection procedure.

Saving of time at the border

According to Jurgis Adomavičius, Director of Customs Broker Bunasta JSC, the new order will be especially useful for the carriers loading cargoes that belong to different consignees into one truck.

“Previously, all export declarations were checked at the customs office. The customs had not only to close each export procedure but also check physically whether the cargo transported corresponded to the information provided in the documents.

However, one vehicle can carry as many as 100-150 different cargoes, each with a separate export declaration. Such checking was really time-consuming. I know the cases when one truck spent up to 9 hours in the customs office.

The eManifest will merge all of these declarations into one single document so the completion of the export procedure at customs will take much less“, says J.Adomavičius.

The eManifest also allows retaining flexibility which is one of the key advantages of an independent cargo guarantee against TIR transit. When the cargo crosses the border between Lithuania and Belarus, the driver will be free to go to unloading points upon the order which is favourable to the carrier. He will not need to follow a strict route and constantly be under customs supervision as in the case of TIR.

The eManifest can be filled by customs brokers.

What will the eManifest replace?

In Lithuania, the logistics business focuses on handling of the cargoes arriving from other EU states with already started export procedures in order to deploy cargoes to the East.

Nida Ruseckienė, Chief Inspector of the Customs Department Customs Clearance Division, assured that the eManifest will help to improve the quality of transportation for the following three reasons:

1. Combining the information on individual export declarations into the eManifest will speed up the customs deployment clearance since the customs office needs to work only with one electronic document (instead of 20-30 separate export declarations) for the cargo deployment from the EU;

2. The relevant export procedures shall automatically be completed and exporters from Lithuania and other EU countries shall receive an immediate export confirmation;

3. When business registers merchandise submission (this is the first step before submitting the eManifest), all problems that may arise at the border shall be resolved at regrouping/reloading points. This will save time for carriers’ representatives.

She also drew attention to a number of problems that carriers might face.

“It may turn out that even though the Export Accompanying Document exists, the goods have not been issued for export in another Member State. Then additional communication with the exporter's representative is required.

Or, for any technical reasons, there is no possibility to receive or send export declaration data, or export data are sent and processed in the declaration processing system of another Member State but not submitted to the European Export Control System. As a result, Lithuanian Customs Office will not be able to complete such procedures in the system and exporters will not be able to receive the confirmation of an export fact by electronic means,” explains N. Ruseckienė.

The system is already working

However, carriers do not have to worry about the new order since uncertainties arising under the new system will be resolved before arrival at the customs point.

J.Adomavičius confirmed that Bunasta customs brokers had already tried the eManifest system and the cargoes with their completed documents had successfully been deployed to the East.

“We will do everything for the cargoes to cross the border faster.  The new eManifest is a fantastic thing as the customs clearance is shortened as many times as it combines documents,” says a customs clearance expert.

Since November 1, the carrier will be required to submit the eManifest at the Lithuanian border provided that:

- The cargo was overloaded;
- There are more than two export declarations in a truck (multiple consignees or consignors);
- The vehicle is not specified in the export declaration.

How to obtain the eManifest

The carrier can email or upload the documents necessary to obtain the eManifest via Bunasta mobile application, or the driver can submit the documents upon arrival at the customs broker’s service center.

The eManifest requires an Export Bill of Lading (CMR) and an export declaration. The broker must provide the documents of all the cargoes loaded in the truck.

It is also necessary to enter the state plate number of the cargo vehicle, the name/address of the deployment customs office or point where the transit will be opened and the information on the point of storage or reloading.

Upon receipt of this data, Bunasta JSC experts check whether all export declarations have been duly completed at the customs office, send a notice of arrival of the goods to the deployment office and submit an electronic export manifest.

The carrier receives the eManifest number which is provided to the deployment office at the border.

If you have any questions, please contact Bunasta experts by calling 24/7 at +370 698 56269. 

Our specialists have already successfully tested the eManifest registration system and are ready to help you.