Customs Guarantee for Belarus

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List of documents required for both Customs Guarantee and EPI:

  •     Driver's passport;
  •     Truck and trailer registration documents;
  •     Freight shipping documents (CMR, etc.);
  •     Invoice;
  •     Packing list and/or specification (if available);
  •     Veterinary or phytosanitary certificate for goods of animal or plant origin (if available);
  •     Certificate of Conformity of the trailer.

Information required for Customs Guarantee and EPI:

  •     Name of border post;
  •     Contact phone number of the driver;
  •     The approximate time when the driver is expected to arrive to collect the guarantee.

What else should you know about this service?

Guarantee certificates are required for the transit of goods through the Customs Union countries. Belarusian customs office accepts electronic guarantee certificates only.

Bunasta owns a 40 million-euro customs guarantee fund and does not use the services of intermediaries; therefore, we can offer the best conditions for carriers. Our guarantee usually costs less than TIR Carnet and you can choose your preferred route for shipping.

EPI, which is necessary to cross the border, is provided together with the guarantee. The driver is also provided with EPI code.

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