Export Declaration

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List of documents required for Export Declaration:

  • Freight shipping documents (CMR, etc.);
  • Other carrier documents (e.g. TIR Carnet);
  • Commercial invoice;
  • Proforma invoice;
  • Contracts, if any;
  • Packing list;
  • Other documents accompanying the goods;
  • Other additional documents for the exported goods, if the legislation so requires.

Information required for Export Declaration:

  • Customs post, where the declaration has to be submitted;
  • Exit customs post, where export clearance is finalized;
  • Information related to the exported goods, if requested (e.g. TARIC codes, descriptions, explanations, translations or other information to be provided in writing);
  • Contact details for clarification or communication of information about the service provided;
  • Payer information.

What else should you know about this service?

Bunasta provides the service of completing export declarations 24/7 in major customer service centers.

Export is the shipping of goods from the EU to third countries regulated by law. Commercial export is governed by customs laws of both countries: the exporter and the recipient.

Export declarations are completed as follows: upon arrival of the goods at the site of Bunasta UAB, the driver submits the freight shipping documents to customs brokerage representatives, who submit the information to the customs.

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