Bunasta team to participate in Translogistica Kazakhstan 2023

2023 09 28

The Bunasta team will participate in Translogistica Kazakhstan 2023 in Astana on 4-6 October. 

As the geopolitical situation changes, the contours of the logistics map are also changing. The impact of sanctions is affecting the whole business sector, with European Union trucks now unable to enter Russia and Belarus, and trucks from Eastern countries unable to enter the European Union. As a result, we are seeing more and more Central Asian carriers in the EU turning to us for services and assistance in various situations.

In addition to the international logistics exhibition in Astana, the Bunasta team is also attending the Lithuanian-Kazakhstan Business Forum New Silk Road on 5 October together with representatives of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, where presentations by Lithuanian and Kazakh business associations and companies are scheduled. The Forum will also include individual B2B business meetings organised by the Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the mission to Astana is not only to understand the current market situation, but also to provide our clients with a smooth parallel cargo route to Central Asia via Georgia or Azerbaijan.

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