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List of documents required for EPI:

  •     Driver's passport;
  •     Truck and trailer registration documents;
  •     Certificate of Conformity of the trailer;
  •     Freight shipping documents (CMR, etc.);
  •     Invoice;
  •     If you are using the TIR Carnet, sheets 1 and 2 are required;
  •     If you are a customs carrier, customs carrier certificate is required;
  •     Packing list and/or specification (if available);
  •     Veterinary or phytosanitary certificate for goods of animal or plant origin (if available).

Information required for EPI:

  •     Name of border post;
  •     Mobile phone number of the driver.

What else should you know about this service?

Advance electronic declaration (Electronic Preliminary Information, EPI) is required for importing goods East direction by road transport.

The information must be provided at least two (2) hours before the expected arrival of the shipment at the border of the Customs Union country. We send the declaration number to the driver by SMS, thus saving your time.

For our customers shipping goods for import to or transit through the Customs Union, we guarantee that the declaration will be submitted on time and the goods will not be delayed at or returned from the border.

Our specialists can complete the EPI via TIR-EPD system developed by IRU.

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