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List of documents required for ZDP:

  • TIR booklet - pages 1 and 2;
  • CMR - international consignment note;
  • Invoice;
  • List of packaging and cargo specifications;
  • Technical passports of the vehicle and trailer;
  • Driver's license;

Information required for ZDP:

  • Information about the place of entry/exit (if it is transit through Ukraine);
  • Information about the point of entry and the customs office of destination in Ukraine (if the cargo is transported to Ukraine);
  • Valid driver's phone number.

What else should you know about this service?

General declaration of arrival - means an electronic message generated by the carrier and sent as an electronic form to customs. This notice informs the customs office of the arrival.  The declaration will also allow the identification of dangerous commodities.

The declaration is mandatory on importation into Ukraine by any cargo vehicle (truck, railway train, sea or plane). The application must be submitted for all types of transport by which the cargo enters the territory of Ukraine (transit, import, declaration transportation, according to TIR).

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