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List of documents required for ENS:

  • Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road” (CMR);
  • Invoice; (consignor, consignee, cargo description);
  • Route (indicate each country);
  • Mode of travel (eg ferry or Eurotunnel travel details, if the ferry - an exact ferry);
  • Exact time of arrival;
  • Vehicle numbers;

Information required for ENS:

  • A third party may make a declaration, if this is done with the knowledge and consent of the carrier. The responsible party must ensure that:
    • An entry summary declaration would be lodged;
    • Declarations are submitted within the deadlines set by law;
    • Make sure the information provided by the carrier is accurate.

What else should you know about this service?

ENS (Entry summary declaration) is a pre-information notice about the entry of commodities into the UK, this information must be provided to the UK customs no later than 2 hours before arrival in the UK.

From 01/07/2022, it will also apply to commodities entering the UK. Provided to enable customs to perform risk analysis for security and safety purposes. When transporting commodities, the carrier is responsible for lodging the ENS declaration at the first point of entry for transport from / to the UK. In the UK, the carrier will need to register to access the S&S DB service to submit ENS declarations:
Learn about the UK ENS process.

We assure our customers who transport cargo to or transit through the territory of the Customs Union that the declaration will be made on time, the cargo will not be trapped and will not be returned from the border.

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