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List of documents required for PBN:

  • Vehicle numbers;
  • All ENS declarations if going with T2 - T2 declarations;
  • Date, time and name of the ship for which the reservation was purchased;
  • Route;
  • We send the PBN number and order confirmation to the customer.

What else should you know about this service?

Pre-Boarding notification (PBN), which must include the key reference numbers (MRN) of all customs declarations relating to the commodities. PBN is used for entering and leaving Ireland / Northern Ireland (if traveling through the UK). Each PBN has a unique identifier called a PBN ID. Without this ID, entry into the port is prohibited.

We assure our customers who transport cargo to or transit through the territory of the Customs Union that the declaration will be made on time, the cargo will not be trapped and will not be returned from the border.

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