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List of documents required for IM:

  • Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road” (CMR);
  • Invoice;
  • Packing list and / or specification (if available);
  • Veterinary or phytosanitary certificate of the consignment of plant or animal origin (if available);
  • Accompanying documents: T1 or EX
  • EORI number / contacts;
  • Transit declaration.

Information required for IM:

  • Vehicle registration number;
  • Trailer registration number;
  • Contact details of the importer in the event of an unforeseen situation;
  • A customs post of entry into British territory.

What else should you know about this service?

Import - the legal introduction of commodities, services or other objects of a foreign state into the state. This customs procedure is subject to the country's commercial policy measures, import formalities and all duties payable. Commodities from third countries may move freely throughout the customs territory, provided that the legal import requirements are met.

From 1st of January 2021, if you are a UK-based company transporting or receiving commodities from the EU to the UK, an import declaration must be completed for the commodities to be transported to customs, there will be corrections from the UK courier.
The information must be provided no later than 2 hours before the planned entry of the commodities into the territory of the Customs Union. To save drivers time, we send the declaration number over the phone.
We assure our customers who transport cargo to or transit through the territory of the Customs Union that the declaration will be made on time, the cargo will not be trapped and will not be returned from the border.

Imports are completed quickly, efficiently and accurately. If you have any questions, our specialists will provide professional help and advice. Our internal systems can process extremely large export / import declarations in a relatively short time and at a competitive price.
Our team will help resolve issues with tax payments, discrepancies, or lack of EORI. We work with both individuals and legal entities.

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