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List of documents required for EX:

  • "Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road” (CMR);
  • Commercial invoice or advance (pro form) invoice;
  • Contracts, if concluded;
  • Packing sheet;
  • Other documents accompanying the consignment;
  • Additional documents shall be provided if required by law for the exported consignment.

Information required for EX:

  • Customs post at which customs transit formalities begin;
  • Customs post where customs transit formalities are completed;
  • Other necessary information related to the incoming consignment of commodities, if requested;
  • Contact details for clarifying or transmitting information regarding the provided service;
  • Identifying the payer;

What else should you know about this service?

Export - the statutory removal of commodities and services from one customs territory to another. Export commodities and services are usually supplied by state (domestic) producers / suppliers and their final consumer is a resident of a foreign country or an organization located in a third country.

British export declarations shall be completed by remote means of transport across any frontier or by presentation of documents at the Bunasta office.

Bunasta provides the service of completing export declarations 24/7 in major customer service centers.

Export declarations are completed as follows: upon arrival of the goods at the site of Bunasta UAB, the driver submits the freight shipping documents to customs brokerage representatives, who submit the information to the customs.

Export declarations are completed promptly, efficiently and accurately. If you have any questions, Bunasta's specialists will provide professional assistance and advice. Bunasta's internal systems can process extremely large export / import declarations in a relatively short time and at a competitive price.
Export declarations can be mailed or the driver can pick up the paper version at the Bunasta office.

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